Customer Reviews



Vicky, December 2019


Great service, took the hassle out of having an accident!

"Great customer service."


Nicola, December 2019

Thank you for making this such an easy process.  All the staff I dealt with were very professional and helpful.  I will definitely be recommending you to my friends if they are in a predicament with their insurance company not assisting with a replacement car.  Great work guys - thank you!

"Saved the day"

Saved the day!

Jazz, December 2019

You guys really saved our bacon! We would've been quite stuck if we couldn't find a loan car anywhere while our car was being repaired. But you swooped in and saved the day. Thank you!

"Professional, knowledgeable and efficient"


Andrew, May 2016

Just a quick note to pass on my thanks to Kato and team at Right2Drive NZ. We were an innocent party in a car accident in April and had Right2Drive referred to us by our panel beater. Initially I was sceptical of the service, sounding too good to be true, however from my initial call to Kato and subsequent interaction, he and their team put my concerns at ease. Professional, knowledgeable and efficient from beginning to end. For a busy family juggling two jobs and two kids, losing a vehicle when not at fault is a nightmare. Definitely happy to recommend Kato and team at Right2Drive for people who find themselves in similar situations.

"Helpful and professional at all times"


Barry & Therese, November 2015

My wife and I would like to express our gratitude for the very efficient and much appreciated service provided by Right2Drive. In particular Nathan and James at Archerfield.  On the 16th November 2015, my wife’s near new sedan was smashed into by another vehicle whilst parked. Fortunately she was not in the vehicle at the time.  A tow truck driver mentioned Right2Drive could help her get a replacement car because the accident was clearly not her fault. I called and spoke with Nathan who was very professional and helpful and shortly after I received a call from James to confirm the replacement car delivery.  Bearing in mind the accident happened at approx. 11am on a Friday, involved two (2) other vehicles and by the time the road was reopened we left the scene approx. 12:30pm, went to the panel beaters to pick up personal belongings and then home. I was regularly kept up to date by James and by 4pm that day (again a Friday afternoon) an almost brand new rental vehicle was delivered to our door. Excellent service by Nathan and James. To go all weekend without a vehicle would have been painful indeed. As it turned out my wife had to take her elderly mother to the Dr on the Saturday morning. My wife and I would like to congratulate Nathan, James and all the staff at Right2Drive who were helpful and professional at all times. I work for a large local employer and you can rest assured I will be passing Right2Drive's information on to all our staff.

“Seamless experience”


Andrew, September 2015

Accidents happen, but when it's not your fault, highly recommend you call these guys - Right2Drive.

Talk about a seamless experience. Worse Sunday ever as a girl ploughs into the back of my Mercedes C63.  I was quickly put back to normal today as these guys delivered a replacement vehicle of similar calibre to my work, no hassle, no money out of my pocket. Easiest online application and super easy communication over the phone & SMS. It may not be a C63, but the ML250 sure beats the rental Corolla I was driving yesterday which I was paying for out of my own pocket & reeked like a pack-a-day smoker was trapped in it. Don't get screwed by insurance companies when they say they aren't sure if you can get a hire car, call these guys and they'll handle the insurance company for you. Big props to the Narellan team for their efforts at getting this ride to me today, all the way to North Strathfield.

“I can’t thank Damian enough”


Jenna, June 2015

To Damian, Wow what I can say? You truly have been amazing and so unbelievably professional at what you do. At such a crazy time in my life having a shopping centre valet driver damage my car, and then being told by my repairer I would be without my car for 2 weeks, was the last thing I needed. My heart sunk. However, the moment I called Right2Drive my mind was put at ease and everything was taken care of. Immediately after I filled out a quick form online I received a phone call and a car was organised and delivered a short time later. I run two jobs (bookkeeper and a photographer), and have a 14 month old full on daughter, so there isn’t time for me to deal with much else. Instead of going through my insurance company, I thought I would be nice and just claim directly through the shopping centre as they were happy to pay me outright for the damage to my vehicle. The only problem was the release form I received absolving them of any associated or future costs. I felt heavily pressured into signing the form and I was worried that I may have been left out of pocket for any other costs incurred. I was so lost and confused and stressed about what to do and all I wanted to do was just get my car fixed and back on the road. So after speaking to Damian, he made sure I did not have to sign anything and let me know what my rights were and to not let them bully me into signing a form that could possibly lead me into a cost trap. Damian was amazing, his calm and positive attitude on what to do from then on was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, and because I was so scattered I asked if he could put it all in writing so I wouldn’t forget, and he emailed me explaining everything. If I hadn’t listened to Damian and not discovered my rights I could have found myself in a costly and regrettable situation and I wasn’t even the one at fault. Right2Drive were even willing to take the whole costs involved, including repairs, to court if the shopping centre refused to pay. They assured me I would NOT be out of pocket for any costs. It was such a huge RELIEF. After discussing the information I received from Damian with the shopping centre representative they agreed to pay all costs! I can’t thank Damian enough for everything and I will definitely be using Right2Drive again in future if needed and I’ll be referring them to anyone in need of an accident replacement car.

“Extremely customer focused”


C. Evans, May 2015

I'm a Manager at MPC Electrical. I was recently involved in an accident with a pedestrian which unfortunately left the person and my van significantly damaged. My work van is insured with GIO and I have an accident replacement vehicle option. Silly me, I should have known that the insurance company would only supply a Toyota Corolla! Who reads the fine print? One would think that when you have business insurance on your van, you will be entitled to a van when you need an accident replacement vehicle. Thank god a friend told me about Right2Drive, they were the only company willing and able to help. All the other rental car companies like Hertz etc say they have vans with roof racks for hire but try getting one when you need it! I feel very fortunate to have been referred to Right2Drive. They are extremely customer focused, not only did they have with a van with roof racks, they also delivered and picked it up from my front door! From the moment that I contacted Right2Drive, their only focus was on delivering what I required. It is a pity other companies do not take a leaf out of their book and listen to what is required from their customers. Hats off to Right2Drive, thank you very much for your professional approach.

“Friendly and helpful”


Daniel, May 2015

I am writing to say thank you to your team at Smeaton Grange regarding my recent experience in loaning a car. My wife had an accident where she was hit from behind. We took our car to a smash repairer for an assessment in Smeaton Grange. The smash repairer saw that we didn't have hire car option on our insurance policy and recommended that we give you guys a call. He told us that all costs would be covered by the at-fault party and would be no cost to us. I'll admit that I was a little sceptical at first as it seemed too good to be true, but I had a look at your website, read a few testimonials and filled out an application form online. Within a couple of hours I received a call from Pauleen at the newly opened Smeaton Grange office. She was friendly and helpful and organised for me to have a car the next day when we dropped ours off for repair. The next morning I was met by John at the smash repairer at the time organised. John explained everything in detailed and answered any questions that I had. We went through the appropriate paperwork and checked over the car. I was actually surprised at the vehicle we got as I was expecting something a lot older and smaller. John was very thorough with his inspection and even noted things down that I had missed. John noticed that there was low fuel in the car. He told me to follow him to the nearest service station so he could fill the car up for me. Even though, without your car, we would have been able to survive by borrowing a car here or there from family, you saved us from the hassle of putting others out and we were able to have the freedom of having our own car during the time ours was off the road. I contacted John as soon as I was told our car was ready for pick up. I dropped the car off to your Smeaton Grange office and John drove me to the smash repairer to pick up my car. Thank you again to your company and your team at Smeaton Grange, especially John and Pauleen. I will definitely recommend your company to any family or friends that find themselves in the same position that we were in.