Daily Rental Rates

ACRISS Code Size Body Example Basic Daily Rate (inc excess reduction):
        (incl GST)
CCAR Compact Sedan Toyota Corolla $242.82
CDAR Compact Hatch Holden Barina $149.50
IDAR Intermediate Hatch Hyundai i30 $159.85
IDAH Intermediate Hatch Holden Cruze $150.43
IWAR Intermediate Wagon Volkswagen Golf $146.17
ICAR Intermediate Sedan Ford Focus $159.85
SCAR Standard Sedan Toyota Camry $201.25
SCAD Standard Sedan Honda Accord $164.65
SCAH Standard Sedan Kia Optima $164.65
SDAR Standard Hatch Citroen C5 $201.25
SWAR Standard Wagon Mazda 6 $201.25
SWAD Standard Wagon Toyota Camry $164.65
FCAR Fullsize Sedan Holden Commodore $173.17
FWAR Fullsize Wagon Holden Commodore Wagon $173.17
PCAR Premium Sedan Holden Caprice $313.89
JCAR Intermediate Elite Sedan Audi A3 $201.60
JDAR Intermediate Elite Hatch Mercedes A180/Audi A3 $201.60
JDAD Intermediate Elite Hatch Mercedes B-Class $207.29
RCAR Standard Elite Sedan BMW 3 Series $258.75
RWAR Standard Elite Wagon Mercedes C-Class $313.89
REAR Standard Elite Coupe Audi S5 $257.04
DDAR Compact Elite Hatch Citroen C3 $201.60
LCAR Luxury Sedan BMW 5 series $448.50
Passenger Vans      
FVAR Passenger Van Kia Carnival $310.50
SUV's / 4WD      
CFAR Compact SUV Mitsubishi ASX $194.35
CFAD Compact SUV Holden Trax $164.65
IFAR Intermediate SUV Mazda CX-5 $207.00
IFAD Intermediate SUV Ford Kuga $193.07
IFSV Standard SUV Kia Sportage $173.17
SFAR Standard SUV Holden Captiva $173.17
SFSD Standard SUV Mitsubishi Outlander $230.03
SFSV Standard SUV 7+ seats Holden Captiva 7S $299.00
FFAR Fullsize SUV Kia Sorento/Mitsubishi Pajero $276.00
FFBD Fullsize SUV BMW X1 $264.14
FFBR Fullsize SUV Audi Q3 $264.14
JFAR Intermediate Elite SUV Infiniti Q30 $276.00
RFAD Standard Elite SUV Jaguar F-Pace $292.57
RFAR Standard Elite SUV Audi Q5 $292.57
GFAR Fullsize Elite SUV Toyota Kluger $306.79
UFAR Premium Elite SUV Porsche Macan $349.43
LFAR Luxury SUV Land Rover Discovery  $402.50
LFAD Luxury SUV BMW X5 Diesel  
LFSV Luxury SUV Lexus LX450d $349.43
GFSV Luxury SUV Volvo XC60 $269.83
WFSV Luxury Elite SUV BMW X6 $420.50
XFAR Special SUV Range Rover/Porsche Cayenne $491.57
Commercial Utilities      
FPBR Fullsize Utility Single Cab Holden Colorado 4x2 single cab $228.61
FQAD Fullsize Utility Single Cab   $228.61
FQAR Fullsize Utility Dual Cab Triton 4x2 dual cab $194.49
FQBD Fullsize Utility Dual Cab Chevrolet Colorado $264.50
FQBR Fullsize Utility Dual Cab Toyota Hilux 4x4 dual cab $247.25
Commercial Vans      
IKAR Intermediate Van Volkswagen Caddy $207.29
SKMR Standard Van Mercedes Vito $228.61
FPAR Fullsize Van Holden Rodeo  $264.50
FKAD Fullsize Van Renault Trafic $228.61
FKAR Fullsize Van Toyota Hiace $299.00
OKAR Oversize Van Toyota Hiace SLWB $313.89
GKAR Fullsize Elite Van Renault Master $340.40


Fee Structure (all rates shown below inclusive of GST)

The daily base rates shown above include 24hr Breakdown Assistance and GST (15%), and include excess reduction fee (from $29 per day), and Administration fee (3% on base rate). 

A single fee of $87.55 is charged for delivery & pick up. Additional fees may apply when the distance exceeds 50 kilometres.

Optional surcharges that may apply include:

  • Additional driver @ $5.00 per day (capped at $50 per hire)
  • Under age driver (<25) @ $20.00 per day
  • Child seat @ $20.00 per day
  • GPS navigation kit @ $5.00 per day

All customers must provide valid credit card information to cover costs incurred during the rental period, e.g. fuel, tolls, traffic or parking infringements, cleaning (from $50.00), lost or missing keys, and non-fair wear & tear. A fee may be applied for processing these charges ($1.15 per charge).