Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the reasons you will not be eligible include:

  • If you aren’t able to provide the at fault driver’s details
  • If you don’t hold a valid Australian license
  • the at fault driver is not insured
  • you are the at fault party
  • the at fault driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • the accident happened due to a medical episode
  • the accident happened due to the flashing lights from an ambulance or police vehicle
  • a secondary vehicle was not involved.

Please call our team on 0800 004 203 to find out about your eligibility.

Yes, we offer accident loan car to international license holders.

We provide accident loan cars to suit all our customers’ needs, subject to availability. Click here to find out if you’re eligible for an accident replacement vehicle.

Yes, if you are the not at fault driver and you meet our eligibility criteria, we can assist you. Please complete our online application here.

Yes, if you are the not at fault driver and you meet our eligibility criteria, we can assist you. Please complete our online application here.

Yes, if you’re not at fault in an accident with another vehicle, the business has a legal right to be put back into the position it was prior to the accident. This means that the business may be legally entitled to an accident loan car whilst the car is being repaired, or until it is deemed a total loss.

To find out if you are eligible for a Right2Drive loan car, you can complete our online eligibility questionnaire here.

Drivers are required to hold a current and valid learner, provisional, or full Australian driver’s licence. Please note: Learner or Provisional licence holders are subject to our prior approval.
You will also be required to satisfy criteria in respect to insurance, driving record and physical & mental capacity, as detailed in the agreement.
Fill out an application here.

Unfortunately, if you’re aware the at fault driver does not have insurance, in this instance, we won’t be able to help you with an accident replacement vehicle. Please get in touch with your own insurer for assistance. In some circumstances, we will pursue the at fault driver who is liable for damages. If the at fault driver is not insured, our team will discuss this with you and assist you through the process. However, it may limit the extent of the support we are able to provide.

It is important in any accident to ensure you get the details of the other driver, regardless of fault, including car registration and insurance information.

Unfortunately, without these details we are unable to assist, as the cost of the accident loan car is recovered through the at fault party or their insurer.

Right2Drive exists to assist drivers who are not at fault in an accident. If you were at fault, we suggest that you speak with your insurance provider if you have a hire car inclusion in your policy.

Although we specialise in accident loan cars for not at fault motorists, we can recommend our partners at East Coast Car Rentals for great value car hire.