Frequently Asked Questions

As the not at fault driver, what are my obligations when I get a loan car from Right2Drive?

Your obligations are to comply with the terms of our agreement with you which includes:

  • Acting in the best interest of Right2Drive.
  • Not holding up the recovery of the rental costs from the at fault party.
  • Providing all documents reasonably required (for example, a copy of your physical driver’s licence).
  • Being open and honest with us, and not misleading us in any way.
  • Not releasing or purporting to release the at fault party from any of your rights in respect to the accident.
  • Providing us with assistance in the recovery process as required, which may include providing documents, witness statements and in very limited circumstances, court proceedings.
  • Advising us promptly when your car repairs are complete, or you are notified of a total loss settlement.

You can find more information on our Not at Fault Obligations Page.